A friend suggested to me that the one time we are truly “living in the moment” is in the middle of a big sneeze. It’s true. Next time you sneeze, think about it. Or while running away from a hungry cougar or angry dog… But to truly ENJOY each moment, one doesn’t need a continuous sneezing fit; there are better ways.

The Buddha said, “Your work is to find your work, and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it.” What does that mean for us? When I meet with my business partners, it’s not work – it’s wonderful. It’s creative, positive, supportive, interesting, important, focused activity and attention in a lovely environment with people whom I love and respect. I do what I am good at, not what I am not good at, and I only associate with people who share my core values.

When I ride my bike, I choose to ride in an area that I enjoy, on my beloved bicycle, at a time of day that suits me, for a distance with which I am comfortable. I get exercise, lose weight, clear my mind, pray, and take photos of beautiful things. That’s living in the moment with a wholesome purpose. It’s Nirvana. Like spending time with my darling wife – nothing is better than that.

Carefully design your life, a life that will create the future you want, along the guidelines that your values demand, aligned with your purpose and goals. Provide and prepare for all eventualities that will add to your peace of mind and clarity. And remember, every thought, word, and deed brings a consequence.

Love what you do and the people you choose to associate with, serve and obey God to the best of your ability in all you do, forgive yourself and others, free yourself of the past, and read and watch upbuilding, interesting, and positive information. We can enjoy more peace of mind, success, and happiness by changing our focus, our priorities, and our perceptions.

And the fastest way to true happiness is helping others to achieve success in their lives. Moments turn into hours, into days and weeks and months and years – and a life.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com