When our loved ones die, when we fear that they will die, when we miss them, when we worry about our own deaths, here’s the way I handle the way I perceive death that may be of help to you.

Imagine we all lived in a railway station – a train station. Life is a railway station – it’s temporary. We do different work, we are young or old, weak or strong, ill or healthy, some have important jobs, some clean toilets, some are wealthy and swan about in their finery, others are poor and they beg and go hungry.

Some work in the ticket office. Others wait on the platform. Others carry luggage. Some are reading their newspapers, others are enjoying the bookshop or having a snack in the tea room. We all have different positions in life, with different circumstances. Some are happier than others, some live in pain. We’re all in the train station.

And each one of us has a ticket with our unique, personal ticket number on it. Every now and then, a train arrives, and we eagerly fish our tickets out of our pockets to await the announcement – will the loudspeaker announce your ticket number? If it does, your heart leaps with delight – it’s like winning the lottery, only better, because the train is about to take you to the next station. Those who get on the train this time are the fortunate ones, and they are filled with joy and relief. At last! My ticket has been called! We can’t predict when our ticket will be called.

Boarding that train represents the experience that we call “death,” that wonderful transition from this life of suffering, limitations, pain, disappointments, tears, ups and downs, to heaven. Yes, some will board that train before us, and while we are sad and we miss them terribly, in spite of the huge adjustments and loss, we can know that they are going to the next station, which is Heaven. It’s a short train ride to Heaven. And our stay in the train station is temporary. 

All your friends and relatives and loved ones, pets, and family that died before you, that is left the station before you, are waiting expectantly for you at the next station – Heaven. They eagerly anticipate your arrival. They know you’re coming! You will arrive in a beautiful Garden of Eden where there is no more pain or sadness, no tears, no fear or suffering, only eternal joy and peace in the presence of our loving Father God and your dear ones. What a celebration awaits you there!

My Mom was the first in my immediate family to have her number called, and what a relief it must have been to her to end her suffering and be embraced by the God she so loved. Her family and friends must have been overjoyed to welcome her. Then my Dad’s ticket was called and he, in turn, could escape the suffering he so bravely endured in his final years. Imagine his reunion with his brothers and parents, cousins and friends, and all his courageous companions who gave their lives in the Second World War.

I don’t know when my ticket number will be called, but I look forward to the most exciting journey possible to my home in Heaven one day. That’s the way I see it.

Robin Elliott     LeverageAdvantage.com