In 2013, an American IT worker outsourced his own job to a man in China. He paid the man 1/5 of his salary and then his sat at his desk browsing the Internet. He was found out after a security audit discovered some suspicious VPN activity (and was probably fired.)

In 1975, I worked at the Malibu Hotel in Durban and was told an amazing (true) story about a fellow who was in charge of room service. He created his own room service menu, subcontracted all the cooking to a restaurant across the road, and sat back reading. He earned a salary but made a lot more money profiting from his subcontracted room service.

When he was found out, he wasn’t fired. Instead, the room service kitchens were closed nd the staff laid off, which saved the hotel a lot of money, and the entrepreneurial fellow’s salary was stopped, but he happily stayed on and continued to work with the management to improve the menu, streamline the service, and make more profit himself. Everyone was happy.

When I was at Hotel School, I wanted an FM radio for my Volkswagen van which I had converted, with the help of my Dad, into a camper. So I bought four and sold three for the amount I had paid for four. There was one left over for me, fully paid for. It didn’t cost me a cent, and everyone was happy.

You know you’re an entrepreneur when you instinctively understand two very important business principles: Collaboration and Leverage.

Business is finding a need and filling it and making a profit on the transactions. As long as everyone is happy, you will be successful. A true entrepreneur will seldom be happy working in a job ( J.O.B. – Just Over Broke / Indentured Slavery), since he will usually come up with ideas that are rejected by his so-called superiors. He will be deemed a threat and have a hard time, probably until he leaves or is fired.  Few employers and managers are as open-minded and far-sighted as those in the Malibu Hotel at the time of that entrepreneurial Room Service Manager.

Donny Deutsch wrote, “You know you’re doing what you love when Sunday nights feel the same as Friday nights….”

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com