Last week, my wife and I visited this beautiful lake, above, not 20 minutes from where we live. Two morbidly obese young women had lowered themselves in a huge, half inflated airbed that is designed to be dragged behind a speedboat and carry up to eight people. They had no oars and no way of propelling their airbed, but they did have a huge food hamper which they immediately opened to start grazing. They asked me to push them out into the lake, which is huge. I asked them if they had a means to get back to shore, but they chuckled and said they weren’t worried about that. Later, a strong offshore wind came up, and I imagine they were blown out into the middle of the lake. They were too stupid and careless to think about how to get back, and they didn’t want to hear about it.

The biggest problem with stupid people is that they don’t know that they’re stupid. They have a sneaking suspicion which they will viciously suppress, evident in the way they  violently react to anything that suggests they’re less intelligent. Like people with no class or breeding – they don’t know they’re mouth breathers, knuckle draggers. Some less intelligent people tend to believe and preach that “everyone is the same.” They’re simply not sane.

Soon after arriving in Canada as a new immigrant nearly 20 years ago, I used my customary approach to try and build rapport with a character I’d met and was evaluating for a possible business deal, so I asked him, “what’s your favorite book, and what are you currently reading?” He proudly informed me, in his own words, “I’m too manly to read books.” And he actually believed it. In fact, 44 million Americans can’t read and an even greater number don’t read. Most who are classified as able to read at semi-literate. It’s no wonder they elect people like Trudeau and Obama. If their votes are actually counted, that is.

Then I started noticing the pigs that gobbled at the feeding trough fast food joints that are called “restaurants” in North America, who stuffed their mouths and then talked with their mouths full, had no idea how civilized people use a knife and fork, chewed with their mouths open… you know what I mean – if you have manners, that is. I realized that they didn’t know that they didn’t have any class or manners. To them, it was normal.

This isn’t a rant – it’s simply a reminder not to cast your pearls before swine. Once you realize what the average IQ is, and you see vast quantities of evidence to support the statistics, (a higher average IQ in a country is usually the reason why a country has better education, less violence, more humane prisons and laws, easily accessible and affordable health care and education, etc.), once you accept that the average person doesn’t want to know about anything that threatens his comfort zone and accepts only information that supports and is aligned with his opinion and dominant beliefs, it gets easier. Save your revelations and precious input for those who are intelligent enough and motivated enough to understand and benefit from it.

We are surrounded by stupid people who believe the government propaganda, who seek the easy way, who look for freebies and excuses, who don’t want to take personal responsibility or stand up for anything, who lack self-discipline, who know more about movies and movie stars, sports and TV shows than the real world and history, who know very little about the world outside their own country (Americans are worst in the world for this) yet have an opinion about it, and who are fast sliding down the slippery slope prepared for them by their evil socialist governments and puppet masters. And you can’t fix stupid; it’s genetic.

Filter out the stupid people in your life. Set higher standards for yourself and those with whom you choose to associate. Burn bridges. The ignorant are usually the most opinionated, the most arrogant, and the most destructive. In short, stupid people are too dangerous to warrant your company or your attention. Life is short. Find those who appreciate you and share your values, and who are producers, not parasites, and you will be a lot happier and successful.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com