Two men are marooned on an island. One starves to death, the other lives well off the vegetation and wildlife on the island, builds himself a weatherproof hut and a canoe,  and prospers. Why? Because he knew more about the possibilities and opportunities around him than the one who starved did. He had better survival skills and the right knowledge, and he was prepared to work hard.

In the picture above, one man stays in the hole, sad and hopeless. The other one is working hard to dig steps into the side to climb out. Many people think there is no way out of their conundrum, simply because they don’t know HOW to get out. There is a lot of knowledge that could be labeled “Stuff We Don’t Know, and more importantly, “Stuff We Don’t Know That We Don’t Know.”

We don’t live in a vacuum; throughout history, people have learned that “Unity is Strength.” Now unity with the wrong people is what you see happening in the riots in Milwaukee, for example, people burning down the very businesses that employ them, destroying their own town in their ignorance and unfounded aggression. But by connecting with good people, especially those who have different and better skills than you do, you can only win. Teamwork, in that case, makes the dream work, as opposed to the nightmare being manufactured by those thugs in Milwaukee.

Think of the great achievements in history, survival against all odds, wars and battles won, putting a man on the moon: that cannot be achieved by one man on his own. When things seem hopeless, after praying to God that He will help you, seek out people who have the answers you seek. I’m not talking about handouts or a welfare check – losers specialize in that. I’m talking about the attitude that says, “What can I do for you in order to have you show me what I should do in order to solve my problem? What will it take?” Seek guidance and mentorship, but be sure you follow their advice and reciprocate in some way.

We had a woman show up at our home to clean our house. She complained bitterly that she couldn’t get a job, and I told her I could show her how to make more money than she would ever make in a job by expanding on her service and using collaboration and leverage. I offered to help her for nothing. She wasn’t interested. You can’t help people with that attitude. She would rather work for a minimum wage and never have enough money.

Don’t quit on yourself and your family; don’t think hopelessly. Ask the right people for guidance.

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com