May people suffer from poor self-esteem and a poor self-image. One thing to do is get a group of people together, hang a card around each one’s neck on their back, and ask them all to write two positive, anonymous compliments about each other person on the card: one compliment on their looks and one on their character or personality. When they read these cards at the end of the exercise, there are remarkable results: people feel so much better about themselves; they are after surprised how well others think of them!

I once had a young saleswoman working for me who had a poor self-image. Of course, this affected her sales. She was good looking, but she didn’t think so. Perhaps people had told her she was ugly and unattractive, or teased her in the past, and she had believed them. Or she was comparing herself to the photoshopped pictures of those weird, ridiculously thin, anorexic “models” who use bulimia and smoke disgusting cigarettes to stay skeletal.

Anyway, I was walking down a busy sidewalk with her, and I noticed how men and boys often turned around to admire her. I told her to spin around and look at the people we had just passed whenever I told her to, and she was very pleasantly surprised to see how many males admired her looks. Her sales soared. I know it’s not about our looks, but looks are important to young people, especially to girls.

This wonderful story I saw on a Facebook video:

A man takes his young son deep into the forest at dusk and sits him down on a log, blindfolds him, and tells him not to move or take off the blindfold until he feels the rays of sun shining through the tall trees onto the blindfold. And then his Dad will come and fetch him and take him home. And the boy is not allowed to ever tell anyone about this. (The father had other sons.)

If he does that, his Dad tells him, he will become a man.

Well, of course, the boy is terrified, but brave, so he sits down, blindfolded, and is frightened by every forest sound throughout the long, dark night, imagining dangerous animals coming to eat him or rats biting him. Finally, the sun shines onto his blindfold, and when he pulls the blindfold off, what does he see? His Dad sitting right there next to him. He never left him; he was always right there, even when the boy thought he had gone home and the boy felt all alone and deserted to the dangers of the forest.

Even when the boy was afraid and lonely, his Dad was there all the time to protect him and guide him.

Just like our Heavenly Father – He’s always right there with you, even when it feels like the heavens are leaden and God has forgotten you, when you’re scared and sad, and it feels like nobody cares, God cares. Never forget that. Maintain an eternal perspective. Life is short, God is faithful, all will be well. We should hold fast to Him through the dark nights, like a small child hanging on to her father as he carries her across a flooding river, because we know God is faithful to keep His promises. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He believes in you. Believe in yourself.

Finally, watch this wonderful extract from the movie, Facing the Giants.

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com