Did you know that we talk to ourselves at about 600 words per minute?

Do you hear what you’re saying to yourself? Because this is programming your mind, guiding your actions, and determining your future. Start with asking yourself the right questions.

When we say, “I can’t do it / afford it / don’t know how to do it,” our brains stop working, stop seeking solutions, go into a loop. By asking, “How CAN I do it / afford it?” “Who shall I talk with to learn how to do this?” we put our brains to work finding solutions. And when we ask winners to help us find solutions, we’re even further ahead.

When going to bed at night, ask yourself, “What have I got to be grateful for? How did God protect me and bless me today?” And when waking up in the morning, ask, “What can I do today to improve my future and help my loved ones?”

When meeting people for the first time, or meeting friends, ask yourself, “What do I admire about this person? What can I learn from this person? What am I grateful for that this person has done?” Ask yourself what you like about them.

Destructive and dysfunctional self-talk is usually self-centered, like that of a spoilt child. When I ask someone, “How did your day go? Or How are you? And they answer, “Not too bad,” or “Not bad,” I know I’m talking to a loser. His expectations are low, his performance is low, his outlook sucks.

Use motivational self-talk. What would you say to a four-year-old who had just accomplished something, or who was trying to accomplish a task? “You can do this! Well done! I know you’ve got what it takes! This will be a cakewalk for you. Relax! That was good – now how can you improve on that? You’re a champion! You’re a clever boy!” Well, why not use that encouragement on yourself in your self-talk? I do – and it works!

Why use the right questions and encouraging self-talk? Because it works, it’s free, and it will help you be a happier, more contented person who creates a better future. Start right away – and here’s a tip: Talk out loud whenever you can – it’s even more powerful.

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com