A lot of people spend so much of their time whining and complaining, sighing and blaming, about things that didn’t work out in the past that they don’t have time to create a bright new future. They’re driving along looking in the rear view mirror. They can’t see through their tears of self pity.

As entrepreneurs, you and I know that statistically, a large proportion of things we try in business won’t work, or they’ll make us a lot less money than was promised / we expected, or we will actually lose time and money. That’s just the way things work, like winter and the fall being two of the seasons in the year. Complaining about them won’t help. Instead, let’s learn from what worked as well as what didn’t work, what we’re good at and what we’re not good at, to create a winning formula!

Let me share an example of the way I recently used past personal disappointments and successes and the information and knowledge gleaned from training and coaching thousands of small business owners over a period of 29 years to create the new business we’ll be launching in about two months.

First, and most importantly, I had to decide what problem I wanted to help solve, and who I would like to solve it for. I would have to believe in it, like it, and enjoy it if I wanted to make real money. It had to have some unique elements so that it wouldn’t just be one of many, or just a commodity, and it had to be something that people needed and knew that they needed and something they wanted as well. People will do more to avoid a loss than to gain a benefit, and this had to be taken into consideration. And those buying the new product and/or service had to be a growing, not a shrinking demographic.

Next, I wanted to have as much control as possible, so that I would not be subject to the greed, dishonesty, and ineptness of others. We’ve all be ripped off, had the rules changed and the carpet pulled away from under our feet. I wanted to avoid this happening again. So I needed to do it myself or have partners. We know that it’s smart to team up with others who are richer, smarter, better connected and experienced, and have better skills and resources than you do, especially if those skills are complimentary, so I decided to form a company with two very good, ethical, wealthy friends who fit perfectly. I know them well and they know each other well. Don’t jump into bed with people you don’t know well; it’s a recipe for disaster.

Next, the marketing and selling of the products / services had to be thought through. I have specialized in leverage and collaboration in business for 29 years and also before that, so I knew I needed to be able to create an effective marketing and sales system built on that. Marketing and sales would be my third of the work for my third of the company, so I had to be able to create something that was very attractive to people to get involved. Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want out of life if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want.”

I know that the reason why most people fail in Network Marketing, for example, apart from the overpriced products, is that most people can’t sell, and most, statistically, can’t or won’t recruit more than three people.

So I needed a “Done for You” offer that people would love, that would work, and that would make them good money that:

  1. Wasn’t Network Marketing,
  2. Didn’t require any investment at all,
  3. That was easy to understand and explain (a physical, well priced product)
  4. That didn’t require any recruiting,
  5. Where the sales were easily tracked so that we could pay commissions to the right people,
  6. That required no selling, and
  7. Where they would have all the sales and marketing materials done for them and handed to them.

We will launch this new business in about two months. That’s an example of how we can benefit from all our past failures and disappointments.

Robin Elliott  LeverageAdvantage.com