I saw an interesting post on Facebook today:


Made into HORSESHOES, it’s worth $12

Made into NEEDLES, it’s worth $3,500

Made into BALANCE SPRINGS for WATCHES, it’s worth $300,000.


When people complain about immigrants taking their jobs, the minimum wage being too low, or their greedy boss not paying them enough money, they need to consider this: we get paid in direct proportion to the value we create for society, how badly and urgently they want and need it, and how unique it is. That determines what they will be prepared to pay for it.

When I need my $12,000 sub zero fridge fixed and there is only one local company that repairs them, as happened this week, for example, I need it fixed, I want it fixed, it’s urgent, the service provided by the technician is unique, and so I pay him $1,000 to fix it. No complaints. If, on the other hand, I wanted my gate painted or my lawn mowed, I would pay someone $10 per hour. I pay $15 per hour to get my house cleaned. But what do you think I pay for a private MRI? Or a dentist?

So, if you have taken time to develop your skills to the level where you can paint a gate or mow a lawn, you will be paid less than the fellow who took the time and paid the price to learn a valuable skill or create a much needed and unique product. It’s all really very simple.

Unfortunately, the Western governments are dumbing down society with auto-lobotomies via computer games, pot, cigarettes, drink, and other drugs, and the media, movies and the press, and conditioning them to buy into socialism, and that flies in the face of productivity, creativity, and personal discipline and responsibility. People are being taught that we’re all equal, that we all deserve the same, and that we are entitled to have what everyone else has and earn what everyone else earns. Real life doesn’t work that way. They’re in for a rude awakening.

WE determine how much money we make, and nobody else. Find a need and find a way to fill it.   Decide how to provide a unique, much needed and wanted valuable service, and do it very well. Or create or find a unique, much needed and wanted valuable product and make it easily available. THINK. Be creative and resourceful. Work on YOURSELF instead of whining and moaning and picketing, or, if you have very low intelligence, rioting, looting and destroying.

You can also LEVERAGE someone else’s resources, products, and services, through the use of collaboration. That my specialty. If you’re looking for opportunities to make money without learning a new, special skill or finding creating a new product and a way to market it, contact me and we can talk. (I don’t do MLM.)

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com