A recent post of mine on Facebook and the response I expect triggered the following:

I have experimented with the amount of responses I receive to my different posts on my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Pages and I stand amazed at the superficiality of the average person today. I have some really smart people seeing my posts, and on Facebook I mercilessly unfollow and block losers and idiots, yet this is what I have found:

Post a picture of a cat catching things or falling off things, and the responses peak. Write a short, provocative paragraph, and I receive many responses.  But write an article of any length that far exceeds the content and value of the paragraphs, or share something by a very smart person like Sam Gerrans, and it is all but ignored. Slogans, pictures, and bite sized chunks are king. But don’t expect many responses to anything that takes a little time to watch or read, in spite of the fact that it may be life changing.

I understand the IQ bell curve, the limited time available to busy people, and the attention deficit disorder that seems so eagerly embraced today by morons seeking acceptance by other simpletons: “I have OCD / ADHD,” people claim loudly and proudly. I know that prioritizing is not something that is popular or even understood by many, and that getting the latest pertinent information about demographic and political moves is not on the agenda for people who post endless photos of their meals and their pets, but really… I suppose you can take someone to knowledge, but you can’t make him think.

So, what was the post that encouraged this rant? Here it is, an incredibly interesting and revealing talk of just one hour and eighteen minutes on YouTube (I have watched it twice already) between the giant brains of Gad Saad and Tarek Fatah as they discuss among other important topics White guilt, Hillary Clinton, Canadian politics including the political rise of Justin Trudeau, as well as several themes dealing with Islam including reformation, immigration, and an expression of the faith divorced from Sharia law. I expect the usual, minimal response:

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com