mountain1. Don’t let a raccoon eat your cat. When you put a deal together, introduce people that make money together, or introduce your boss – should you be unfortunate enough to have a job  – to make more profit, make sure you get a piece of the action.

2. Don’t make your bed five times a day. Stop beating yourself up about past bad choices. I hesitate to call them “Mistakes,” because a mistake conjures up pictures of a spelling mistake, suggesting that a bad choice was innocent, unconscious, unintended, which it rarely is. Repent, try to fix things, ask forgiveness, and whether it is granted or not, MOVE THE HELL ON.

3. Stop paying for the same chocolate bar over and over without flinching. Stop repeating your bad choices – it’s just dumb.

4. Don’t give your dreams away to people who despise you. Enemies don’t deserve to know your heart; they’re jealous and they might sabotage you, steal your idea, or tell you you can’t do it. Family is worst.

5. Don’t Pay for others to go cruising while you stand waving them goodbye. Parasites will takes everything you’ve got and leave you empty and bankrupt. While you help them, you’re a Rescuer, and when you stop helping them you’re called a Persecutor. Let them create their own “luck” or watch them fail and learn a lesson. Paying for your kids to go to college and then see them end up waiting tables while you have to work until you die is just plain stupid.

6. DO Weed your garden. Get rid of the parasites, losers, and saboteurs in your life. Reassess, clean house.

7. Conquer your fears and laugh at demons. Never care about what other think, say, or do,  manage your input and your thoughts, and associate only with winners. If you’re the smartest, most successful person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

8. Have others help you peddle your tandem. Collaboration and leverage, duplication and joint ventures are keys to business and life success. Together, we can do amazing things. Share skills and resources; we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

9. Have clearly defined, time sensitive and monitored objectives and plans of action.

10. Change your plans for achieving them, but seldom change your objectives.

Robin Elliott