One can overlook, if not ignore, the hideous distortion of the beautiful English language of North America, with it’s misplaced apostrophes, missing g’s, atrocious grammar, made up words, and distorted past tense verbs when one appreciates the unlimited opportunities available here, especially in Canada.

Looking past “I’m thinkin’ of takin’ the dog’s out for a walk cause I learned its gonna rain and last time I fell and bended my cane” takes a special kind of self discipline, I’ll readily admit, until one sees the vast landscape of possibilities here. Even the open mouth chewing, the total lack of table manners, and people talking too loudly with mouths full of food can be dismissed in favour of the benefits to an entrepreneur living in Canada.

While he may reek of stale cigarette smoke and exhale toxic alcoholic fumes at you when you get to near, and his fear of a decent shave is surpassed only by the forest growing out of his nostrils, he may indeed be a good plumber. Questions like this one posed by of that amazing writer, Martin Amis, “How come you often saw black guys with white girls (always blondes, always, presumably for maximum contrast gain), and never saw white guys with black girls?” fade into insignificance when viewed though the lens of the resources available to be leveraged here, compared to many other countries.

Instead of bemoaning the increase of petty crime due to the lack of consequence, the abuse of many seniors by their “caregivers,” and the ever increasing taxes against the producers of our society to support the greed of the burgeoning number of parasites in this semi-socialist land and the increased threat imposed by the spreading stain of “refugees,”  let’s celebrate and take full advantage of the tremendous array of prospects for the hungry entrepreneur.

I remember a sweaty, obese ex South African peasant moaning to me that “there is no money in Vancouver,” shamelessly revealing both her lack of intelligence and the cockeyed lenses of cynicism and hopelessness through which she viewed the world. She surrounded herself with like minded losers and diligently reinforced her pessimism like her daily intake of calories (in her defense, she did suck down litres of diet sodas every day), so one can understand the financial prison she built.

It’s easy to be distracted, even morbidly entertained, by the begrimed and distorted, the “Walmart people,” and the bleached teeth posers, if you like, but it can be costly. Look for problems to be solved, and sell the solution; that, after all, is the true entrepreneur’s skill and hobby. On my first ever trip to the United States, an astute  businessman whom I knew when he was in South Africa, one who had prospered wildly in the US, said, “Robin, here in America, anything and everything is for sale if you have the money, and there are no limitations on the amount of wealth a smart man like you can assemble.”

I’ll never forget that, and I will forever be grateful that we chose Canada when my wife and I immigrated in 1997.

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com