Smart people can’t understand why Liberals / Leftists / Socialists / Democrats / NDP support the Muslim supremacists, in spite of their premises being mutually incompatible.  I’ll tell you why.

It’s the same reason why the Liberal / Socialist Metro Vancouver municipality insists on inserting homeless drug addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally disturbed into million dollar housing in the most expensive parts of Vancouver, in spite of the fact that they frighten and rob tourists and local, law-abiding, hard working citizens, shoot up, litter, vomit, and scream in the streets.

It’s the same reason why they (the parasites) get away with so much crime, while a law-abiding, tax paying, debt ridden citizen (the producers) are punished to the full extent of the law.

It’s because the Left wants to tear down Western Civilization (which of necessity includes whites and Christians) because it thinks it is unequal, while the Radical Muslims want to tear it down, behead people, stone rape victims to death, burn them alive, throw them off buildings, drown them and rape them because it thinks Western Civilization is evil. One side wants to build a communist utopia, and the other side wants to build a Caliphate.

It’s therefore invariable that the Left always ends up siding with the world’s worst human beings in every situation because they believe that equality in outcome is all that matters in life, that it means that “something unjust and unfair is happening.”

The world is set up in a way that if we do responsible, good things with our lives, we will be more successful than if we do irresponsible, bad things with our lives. The Left believes that the people who are unsuccessful are more virtuous; they’re VICTIMS (hence the popularity of Liberation Theology among the less intelligent peoples.) The Muslims of the Middle East MUST be victims of Israel, in their opinion, because Israel is rich and they are not. See? The “victims” deserve the best housing more than those who actually worked for their money!

The real reason the Palestinian Muslims are not rich is because they spend the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been given to them on terrorism, their leaders’ private bank accounts, and anti Israel propaganda. You’re not a better person when you’re poor any more than you’re a better person because you’re rich. Wealth is simply a measure of how many voluntary financial exchanges you engaged in in a free market.

So the Left hates business and the wealthy, in spite that many of them are rich, and pulls them down to the level of the lowest. That is communism. Now read Atlas Shrugged and 1984.

This is the best explanation I have found, and this is the video that puts in in a nutshell.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com