Years ago, I was invited to a wedding at a swanky yacht club. One the guests sat next to me, and confided in me that he had invested $400,000 with the groom, and not yet seen a cent of the promised lucrative return. He only attended the wedding, he said, in order to stay in the good books of the man.

Meanwhile, the groom, whom I later found out was a psychopath and a con artist, was flying around North America First Class, wore expensive suits, and lived in a penthouse, all paid for by his “investors.” I saw this happen with a paint company as well, and many after that.

It’s sad to see people that have been sadly and badly conned continue to believe the updated lies of the con artist. Watch this funny clip from the wonderful Only Fools and Horse TV series, in which Del Boy (Derek Trotter) tells and Consumer Protection representative from the BBC that the white mice he sold to Mr. Button will, indeed, turn into white horses at midnight, and the reason they have not yet done so is that they are Korean mice, and it will only be midnight in Korea, he calculates quickly, in a few hours time, however he must run, since he has to see a man about a lamp.

This is how con men can keep their game going for so long with vulnerable people who have money invested and are hoping against hope that they will somehow get their money back, even after the game has turned in a full blown Ponzi Scheme. In most cases, they actually get the people to invest MORE money in order to retrieve their initial investment. These victims fall prey to the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

Always have more than one income generator at any given time. The average millionaire has SEVEN income sources. That way, you can remain objective and relaxed, you don’t take things personally, you’re not easily conned or manipulated, you can afford to walk away from bad things, and you can retain your integrity.

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com