Nietzsche said “Equality is a lie concocted by inferior people who arrange themselves in herds to overpower those who are naturally superior to them. The morality of ‘equal rights’ is a herd morality, and because it opposes the cultivation of superior individuals, it leads to the corruption of the human species.”

This quote of Nietzsche is used to justify all sorts of beliefs, positions, and philosophies. I would like to address the idea that people are “all the same” in our abilities, IQ, aspiration, or even physical bodies. The idea that men and women are the same, that those with different IQ’s, races, and education can somehow achieve the same, or that we all have the same rights, and that all religions are the same, is what the world is preaching right now.

Right at the outset, let me state that I believe all people are of equal VALUE in the eyes of God.

Let me share an example with you. Someone once said, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. ” The context was learning and business. In a business I start, I seek partners who have better skills, higher IQ, more money, and better connections that I do. I recognize that we are certainly NOT all the same, and that is a fact, so I work with that.

All religions don’t believe in beheading those who disagree with them or won’t convert to their religion, so how can we treat that religion as the same as all others? Yet the one I refer to has so intimidated and bribed the weak, corrupt politicians in the Western world that they are running roughshod over our laws and customs.

The dumbing down of the Western world is in part accomplished by inserting mentally retarded children into classrooms with those who are not retarded, rewarding all equally for simply participating in a sporting event, regardless of what they accomplish, and disregarding the fact that we are not all equal and cannot contribute or accomplish equally. Some are honest and some are not. Some are violent and destructive, some are not. Some produce, others do not. I cannot play the piano like Mozart or create wealth like Trump. I’m not as good looking as Brad Pitt (although some would disagree) or as smart as Christopher Hitchens. And generally, Caucasians like me are not as intelligent as east Asians. Naturally, there are exceptions.

When white South Africans are fired from their jobs simply because they are white, and black South Africans are inserted into those jobs, simply because they are black, regardless of their abilities, training, experience, or anything else, the economy and the country collapses. When socialism in Cuba pays medical doctors the same as street sweepers, a lot of those doctors give up their valuable work and start working as restaurant waiters in order to earn more money for their families. And the economy collapses. Take a look at Venezuela to see how well socialism works, yet obama openly tries to implement socialism in the United States and the results are obvious to all.

The losers cry that the dishwasher should earn the same as the CEO of a multi million dollar company, regardless of their abilities. That is socialism, as espoused by Canada’s NDP and Liberal parties and the Democrats in the US. We are not all equal or all the same, and more than the men in the picture above are, any more than plants or animals are, and we cannot deny genetics, although we are of equal value. Now read that Nietzsche quote again.

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com