In our confused, often scary world, many are asking, “What’s it all about? What is the answer? How can I survive?” or simply, ” What shall I do?” The good news is, there is a definite, age old way.

Malcolm Muggeridge wrote this: “In this Sargasso Sea of fantasy and fraud, how can I or anyone else hope to swim unencumbered? How can I learn to see with, and not just through, the eye? How can I take off my own motley, wash away the makeup, raise the iron shutter, put out the studio lights, silence the sound effects, and put the cameras to sleep? Can I ever watch the sun rise on Sunset Boulevard, and the sun set over Forest Lawn?

“Will I ever find real furniture among the studio props, silence in a discotheque, love in a strip tease? Read truth off an auto cue, catch it on a screen, chase it on the wings of muzak? View it in living color with the news, hear it in living sound along the motorways? No, not in the wind that rent the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks; not in the earthquake that followed, nor in the fire that followed the earthquake. I think I could probably hear it in that still, small voice. Not in the screeching of tires, either, or in the grinding of brakes; nor in the roar of jets or the whistle of sirens, or the howl of trombones, or the rattle of drums, or the chanting of demo voices. Again and again and again. I long for that still, small voice – if one could only catch it.”

And there is a way to catch it – a proven, reliable way to hear that small, still voice. There are conditions and requirements, of course, but there is a way to know what is true and what is real in this upside down world. Specific, personal guidance is available. It’s probably not what you might expect, but I guarantee you it works.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf wrote recently, “Have you ever opened a box of parts, pulled out the assembly instructions, and thought, ‘This doesn’t make any sense at all?’ Sometimes, despite our best intentions and inner confidence, we pull out a part and ask, ‘What is that for?’ or ‘How does it fit?’ Our frustration grows as we look at the box and notice that it says, ‘Assembly required – ages 8 and up.’ Because we still don’t have a clue, this does not boost our confidence or our self esteem.” Doesn’t that sound familiar in our fast changing world?

Well, Uchtdorf goes on to describe the very solution I am talking about, and it is available to you, now – 24/7. Read it here. Contact me if you have questions: robin@leverageadvantage.com

“I’m trying to free your mind…But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.” ~ Morpheus. You can lead a man to knowledge, but you can’t make him think. Here’s a wonderful video to watch.

Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com