“This is it – gotta quit – gotta split. At this age – at this stage – it’s too late.” No, it’s not too late to turn your life around.  But it takes a bit of seriously objective thinking. Too many people revel in victimhood, and anyone who isn’t trying to “rescue” them, they label as a “Persecutor.” Those people don’t want to be healed or saved or change. For them, until they change their minds, it IS too late.

But for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, who say, “enough is enough – no more of this sore,” well, it’s NOT too late. But we have to start reevaluating what we believe and what the think is true. That means seriously questioning the stories you’ve been telling yourself about what your situation and your circumstances really mean.

Why are some who are enduring infinitely worse circumstances that you are, much happier and optimistic than you are? How do some of them radically change their lives?

For example, do you believe you are being punished? Are you self sabotaging because of guilt? Did someone put that in your head? Did they try to shame you and blame you because of their resentment and jealousy or simply because of their ignorance? Well, Christ has answers for that that will get you past your problem.

Or is it too late in your mind simply because you don’t KNOW of any other options, like how to make money, get out of debt, lose weight, find the right friends, or overcome a certain problem? Just because you don’t know the answers, friend, doesn’t mean there are no answers and solutions: it just means you’re asking the wrong people or reading the wrong books or stuck in what you believe, especially in a religion that specializes in guilt and punishment.

It’s not about luck. Sometimes it is knowing when to quit certain things and/or relationships. Other times, it’s about timing. But we all need an empowering, uplifting philosophy and belief system and values that work for us at this time in our lives, and not against us.  Just as we don’t wear clothes we wore as teenagers (although some grown women do) or believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny, we have to realize that, for many of us, it’s time to grow up and rethink a few things.

Take time to do some deep thinking, and connect with the right people for advice (not those with a  vested interest in the answers they give you) and ASK for advice and guidance. Don’t get shook up – look up – God is real and this little article be just the guidepost you’ve been hoping and perhaps praying for.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com