As the world drifts slowly but definitely into the quagmire of socialism and collectivism and everyone seems to want to join the lines of parasites who expect everything for nothing and insist on becoming the pawns of their socialist governments, it may be time to remember what made your country great in the first place.

Capitalism, Christianity, and white people built the success of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and North America. Many have conveniently forgotten that as we slide into “multiculturalism”, the communist inspired “White Privilege” and being “Politically Correct,” the pathetic glorification of the perverse and parasites, and the continual attacks on Christianity, traditional marriage and the family, heterosexuality, white people and capitalism.

How capitalism works: I had a bad cold when we first arrived in Hawaii. When it got worse, we popped in to a Walk In Medical Clinic like they have here in Canada, where people without an appointment would wait for up to 2 hours to see a doctor. In fact, even with an appointment, one sometimes waits up to 40 minutes to actually see your doctor. In Hawaii, I saw a top Johns Hopkins trained doctor in about 7 minutes. He gave me a prescription and I had it made up in 5 minutes. In Canada, it can take up to 4 hours to get a prescription made up at Costco or even Save On Foods. In Canada, it takes up to three years to get a hip replacement. I’m very grateful for our medical system here in Canada, but boy, Capitalism still kicks ass.

Over and over again, we see how anything the government tries to do costs at least twice and much, and – if it actually works, which it seldom does – takes at least twice as long as it would have had a private company taken on the job. When everything is built on “entitlement” and the idea that the less people produce, the more privileges they should enjoy, as long as the producers pay more and more taxes to cover the cost, and government continues to inflate its control of everything through laws that are enforced by an increasingly militarized police force, we have as a result a collapsing economy and society.

The private sector operates on the principle of capitalism and the government is more and more socialist. The people are dumbed down, fat, sick, uniformed, conditioned, drugged and distracted to the extent that they actually believe that their votes count when it comes to placing a new puppet in the Prime Minister’s Office or the White House. The Ponzi Scheme economy and the Mafia-like government become more dictatorial by the day. We survive on the momentum of capitalism, but its great legacy is fast running out, as predicted in Animal Farm, 1984, Atlas Shrugged, and the Bible.

It’s just good to remind ourselves what made Britain, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada great. Of course, it’s now deemed “politically incorrect” and “racist” to point this out. Remember, those whom you are not allowed to criticize are usually the bullies with a lot to hide. They would burn the books, too, if anyone actually still read books. So they’ll be content with disarming us and imprisoning even more of us.

Robin Elliott