Think about this: If you had just one dollar from each of the thousands of cars that crossed the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver every day, and you hadn’t paid to construct the bridge, and you don’t pay to maintain the bridge, wouldn’t that be a great residual income?

And how about this: The money you have in the bank is rotting away, because the return you get on it (around 1.5%) is less than the inflation rate.

So what would happen if that money you had rotting away in the bank was increasing by 15% in more or less a hundred days, and if, during that hundred days, every time your “interest” got to $50 you could put it back in and get 15% on that that again, so your money would be multiplying like “Money Rabbits“?

AND what if you got paid 10% every time someone you introduced (optional – you don’t have to introduce anyone) to that system put any money in, on an ongoing basis, and then you received 15% on their money as well? More and more Money Rabbits! You would have a Money Farm that you only seeded once! A Money Machine!

 And think about this: If the money you were putting into this proven system that is already created and maintained and available was actually paying for advertising that you could use, if you wanted to? That would mean you could create as many adverts as you wanted to sell and promote anything you liked, and also use it to boost your website’s Search Engine Ranking? You could do split testing as well! These ads get a click through rate of up to 18%! You would, in fact, be getting paid to advertise your business.


When you realize that this is the perfect system to leverage your money and earnings and the money of other people that you care to introduce, that it can create a literally unlimited amount of residual income, and that it pays out EVERY 20 MINUTES, day and night,  well… then why wouldn’t you get involved with this international company as soon as possible, and seeing that it only takes clicking on adverts for TEN MINUTES a DAY, why would you need a JOB? You would only be “working” for ten minutes a day, from anywhere in the world, and the rest of the time you would have the money to do whatever you liked! That is real freedom. And it is waiting for YOU. Right now.

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Robin Elliott   LeverageAdvantage.com