There was a time when you worked 40 hours a week, your wife did not need to work, and you retired at age 60 with a pension and money saved. Now, 40 hours a week barely covers the rent and utilities, and your wife has to work just so you can eat. You’re fat, tired, never seem to have time for your family and what you really want to do, and your scary debts are increasing all the time. Your quality of life is disappearing faster than free chocolate at a Weight Watchers meeting.

The cost of living and inflation are out of control. If you tightened your belt anymore you would crack your spine. Your children barely recognize you, except if they’re asking for money. You’ve tried a bunch of Network Marketing ideas and other schemes and lost money every time because you’re not a salesman or recruiter and you don’t have the time for endless meetings or the money to buy a bathtub full of overpriced, placebo effect, miracle cure snake oil or other things people don’t need or want.

What to do? A second and third job? Food stamps so you can join society’s endless lines of parasites and down-and-outs? Insurance fraud? Break and entry gambits? Gambling? You can’t downsize anymore, and it looks like your single parent, eldest daughter, her unruly kids, and your nasty mother-in-law are coming to stay.

So you cling desperately to your job, where you sell your precious, irreplaceable time for money. And you put up with cancelled leave, longer hours, pay cuts, unhappy working conditions, pressure, and threats that you could lose your job if you don’t produce more. When others are laid off, you have to take up the slack without additional compensation.

Job security? There is no longer any such thing; it’s a myth. The older you get and the more you earn, the greater your employer’s eagerness to replace you with a younger, stronger, more energetic and motivated younger person who will work for less. After all, the economy is far from what it used to be – you’re lucky to have a job.

And now that you are well and truly depressed, let me assure you there is hope and a viable, safe solution. When you realize THIS, your life can change dramatically. You can be in charge. You can dictate the terms and real create time and money freedom, in spite of the worsening economy.

The same solution applies to business owners and the self employed among us. It only takes ten minutes a day, and no, it’s not Network Marketing. I’ve specialized in using leverage and collaboration techniques since 1986, when I finally fired my last “boss.” I’ve retired twice. People who know me know that I don’t sugarcoat things.

I look forward to helping you to use this amazingly simple system to change you life and recover your health and happiness. Contact me if you have any questions.

Robin Elliott    LeverageAdvantage.com