Those of you who have heard me sing the praises of this MAP (My Advertising Pays) business might find it interesting to review a few facts here.

  2. Every Single Person Makes Money, in fact its impossible NOT to make money.
  3. You do have do something each day, click and view just 10 ads per day (this takes around 10 minutes a day)
  4. MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) is in the massive expanding marketplace of online advertising is a multi-billion a year industry that is unstoppable!
  5. There is an unlimited earnings potential –some people are making millions, and EVERYBODY makes money, whether they recruit anyone or not.
  6. We are experiencing long term sustainable growth, with the ultimate consumable product (traffic)
  7. We have a Top US Attorney on board
  8. Fast Daily Payouts and in house ewallet pay system
  9. Great support System in place.
  10. Top Worldwide Leaders are on board ready to capitalize on this huge expanding market.
  11. It’s free to join: this makes this a total no brainer.
  12. No sponsoring required to earn daily profit shares. Not everyone can sponsor / recruit, this means that those that can or don’t want to sponsor can make daily profit shares.
  13. You get highly targeted traffic to your website. (Majority of MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) members are PAID members that are proven to buy over & over again)
  14. High converting professional lead capture pages that convert like crazy. Click Through Rates up to 18%!
  15. We have a comprehensive back office training system
  16. There are multiple ways to earn.
  17. You earn & get traffic to your website = every business wants more traffic & when they earn from this traffic, then this makes it another bonus. This is a recession proof business.
  18. Repurchase Effect (this is absolutely huge & which makes people truly rich) 200% in approx 60 to 90 days! (variable deepening on global sales which are calculated every 20 minutes & paid out to all members who are active with credit packs) Active means clicked on 10, TEN ads for the day. Ten minutes of “work” per day.
  19. Not only that if you already have a business like EmpowerNetwork, PureLeverage, PlugInProfit System or ANY HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY then MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) will help you even more, as you will get highly targeted traffic to your lead, capture pages, building your list, not only that you & your members will also, have the same, plus as your MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) accounts & earnings grow, you’ll have enough money to go all in, i.e. works as a great funded proposal.
  20. Get Paid to advertise your business, Get paid for exceptional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Make Your Money Work for YOU.
  21. More information HERE

Not available in the United States.