NO, it’s not a dance or a politician digging into your pocket and calling his theft “taxes.” This is when you invite someone to consider a business opportunity and you allow him to twist it around…

Here’s how the classic Twist and Grab move that sabotages and hurts many a naive / desperate business opportunity presenter works:

You kindly approach someone and ask him to consider your business opportunity / Network Marketing business, and he says, “Fine, I’ll be happy to look at it, as long as you agree to reciprocate and look at mine. Is that fair?” At that point, dear Reader, I suggest you walk away. Because this is what usually happens: He gets you to sign up / buy in to his opportunity on the understanding that he will then sign up/ buy in to yours, however after he has got you into his, he never gets around to joining yours. He will simply make excuses while pressuring you to get more and more involved with his.

Disgusting, I know. Dishonest, sure. So don’t let it get that far. This is how you can respond: “I’m not looking for anything else; I am very happy with what I have. If you don’t want to look at this right now, no problem. When you’re ready, my door is open. But I’m not considering any others, thank you.” And stand firm on that. Do not be pressured or manipulated. You don’t need to bribe anyone to see the wisdom of joining you. Don’t seem desperate. Send the message: “I’m doing great, and I don’t need you or your stuff.”

While it’s good to have more than one income source, make sure you have your own business built to the extent that you don’t have to neglect it in order to add something else. It needs a lot of attention in the beginning, and you don’t want to be sidetracked unless you have the time and money to add something else.

Robin Elliott