Have you ever had a simple, innocuous event radically change the rest of your life? Here’s what happened to me.

I had driven from Pretoria to Johannesburg, South Africa, to deliver a training session to a hair salon, like I did every week. It was one of twenty in these two cities. Nothing unusual. As always, I was early, so I sat down in a coffee shop in the mall with the latest issue of Success Magazine. I noticed that there was an six or eight page pullout advert and I started to read it.

That changed my life for good. The article was by Jay Abraham, advertising his three day, US$5,000 seminar in Los Angeles in a few months’ time, and I was riveted. I couldn’t put the magazine down! So much so, that I was five minutes late to start my training – and I am never late.

I won’t go into detail about how I arranged to get to LA and pay for the event, because as usual, I joint ventured the deal with my friend Marnus and the (then) SA government so it didn’t cost me a cent to fly to LA, stay in the concierge suite of the Double Tree in LA and attend the 3 day event. Or how applying the information in the home study package which I received before even leaving for LA had already made me thousands of dollars.

I won’t elaborate on how, after that event, I drove down to Orange County and presented a talk to Carlton Hair International that earned me seven thousand dollars back in South Africa from Wella, or how that single advert in a Success Magazine changed the way I did business and still do. It was a perfect fit for the way I was already working and thinking – it just put me on steroids.

Many people read that article, but very few, statistically, did what I did. Like the Anthony Robbins set of audio cassette tapes that I imported to South Africa to learn from at relatively great cost to me – and the amazing results I achieved directly because of those tapes. A few years ago here in Canada, an obese, unshaven smoker was selling an identical set here at a garage sale. He told me he had only listened to the first five minutes of the first of the twelve tapes because it was “obvious” to him that, in his own words, which I will never forget, “ I could see this Roberts guy was full of it – just a scam artist.” I bought them to rescue them – and to listen to them again. Which I did.

Don’t let that special opportunity pass you by. Don’t let cynicism blind you and steal your future. You pray, God answers. LISTEN.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com