Today Rush Limbaugh revealed on his radio show that one of his mentors, many years back, had said to Rush that his wish for Rush was that he would accumulate enough wealth that he did not have to lie, water down hide the truth, or hide the truth. Seems Rush accomplished exactly that, with an estimated $400 million net worth. He is an asset to the free world, conservatism, and capitalism. He is fearless.

Since I haven’t had a job for 29 years, I no longer know what it is like to have to please a boss or a customer, to lie awake at night worrying that I may have “offended” a superior or associate, or if I will lose my job or have my vacation time canceled. I don’t care about being a politically correct wimp or lying about things to avoid getting into trouble. I don’t have to put up with anyone’s B.S., no matter who they are.

People either like me or hate me, and my haters are my motivators. I decide how much money I make – it’s my responsibility. I don’t have to go, hat in hand, to beg like a dog for a raise in my salary. I decide what to do with my time and money, whom I will associate with, whom I will do business with, and what I will sell or promote or participate in. I am free. My time is my own. I don’t need permission for anything.

I don’t hate Mondays or look forward to five o’clock or dread work or live for weekends. I love what I do and I love the people I get to work with, so for me, every day is a happy holiday. I have enough time for anything I want to do, and enough money to afford to do it. I can walk away from anyone at any time. And I have nothing to hide.

“I choose to do now what others won’t do, so that I can have in the future what others won’t have.” That is how entrepreneurs think. And for every person, there is a perfect business fit; we don’t all have the same resources, weaknesses, or strengths, so we should find a business model that works for us as individuals. Personally, I look for systems that are proven and that require minimum time and risk and have the maximum income potential. So I look for home based businesses, and those that embrace collaboration and leverage.

Most people are not salespeople, so one of the things I am involved with requires no recruiting or selling and only takes a few minutes a day, and the potential is staggering. There is something for everyone.

If you would like to enjoy this freedom, I have a proven recipe for success that I will be happy to share with you. Contact me for more information. No charge, no obligation.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com