Would you, an innocent person, willingly go to the prison and beg to be locked up for no good reason, relinquishing your rights to financial freedom? Would you give up control of your financial future and shun the offer of freedom in order to work too hard and too long, for too little in return, like an indentured slave, with very little free time, loads of stress, and and a growing pile of reeking debt?

And then, when the prison was full of willing servants and skivvies, would you send in your resume and attend meetings with hard eyed prison representatives, begging to be incarcerated, and thanking them profusely if they deigned to lock you up?

Well, that’s all a job really is: a jail. And so-called “colleges” and “universities” are simply prison training camps, where people actually pay exorbitant sums of money to learn how to be willing, robotic prisoners in jobs.

And when kind, generous, well meaning people offer you away out of jail, do you despise them for not joining you in prison, reject their offers of freedom, and question their intelligence and the validity of their offers, in spite of the fact that they are free, have no debt, and enjoy a lifestyle you don’t even allow yourself to dream of? Even when you get thrown out of prison, do you scratch at the door to be let back in?

Perhaps this describes why those who have the brains and the courage to start their own businesses, including home based businesses, quit so easily to return to their jobs:

“Most former inmates confront some measure of fear or anxiety upon release, experts say. They tend to have low levels of education, few job skills and high incidences of mental health and substance-abuse issues. Many have no money or family and struggle to find affordable housing and social services.
And while the barriers to re-enter society always have been high, they’re even greater in a tough economy. More than four out of 10 adult offenders nationwide return to state prisons within three years of their release, studies show. Experts call it a revolving door.” ~ From “Convict couldn’t handle being free” by Jazmine Ulloa.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, locked up and locked in, and you want to break free and breathe free financially and give yourself and your family the lifestyle you all deserve, there is a proven way to do so without having to sell stuff, sponsor / recruit anybody, or risk money you don’t have. I will be happy to mentor you and show you how. I broke out of prison 29 years ago at the age of 34, and since then I have retired twice. This opportunity is the best I have ever seen. Contact me and let’s talk.

Robin Elliott

The stress of a job kills your brain: Studies show that months of exposure to stress can permanently destroy neurons in your brain, which affects learning, reasoning, impulse control, and memory.