This ferry that I photographed is the result of collaboration. One man, alone, could not plan, finance and build a ferry or do all the work required to sail the thing, but working with others, we can accomplish anything.

Jay Abraham, of of my mentors, said, “The greatest determinant of greatness is going to be our ability to collaborate with others who have pieces of the puzzle we don’t.” I have spent 29 years specializing in the use of collaboration and leverage for small business owners all over the world, and I use it effectively in my own business. How can this apply to you?

Together, we can do amazing things, but alone we work for money and earn a linear income that is always too little. We sell our time, which is the same as selling your life, like a low-paid slave. Collaboration provides leverage.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and by collaborating with others you can have all the strengths you want and have access to all the resources you need to make your dreams come true. And the use of reciprocation in collaboration builds strong relationships that can last a lifetime. A well known, successful woman entrepreneur once said to me, ā€œRobin, there are only two kinds of people in this world: givers and takers ā€“ producers and parasites. Collaborate with the producers, the givers.ā€

We have all met the narcissistic parasites that seem to abound in a society that fosters a sense of entitlement. These people are a cancer to any business. They are collectivists and to be avoided at all costs. I call them the selfish selfie sponges. One can’t collaborate with them, and it’s important to test people in small ways before getting involved with them in any significant manner.

I call collaboration a Joint Venture, but it is also referred to as partnering or strategic alliances, and you can implement and use them at any level without any risk or cost. Win/win relationships with good people have allowed me to retire twice and enjoy a secure, stable, enjoyable income. Because I am frugal and risk averse, I take no chances and I never recommend that people do.

I can show you how to use collaboration in your business or to set up a new business that benefits from collaboration – all you have to is ask me. You can do this on a full time or a part time basis, from home, regardless of your age, education, background, or circumstances. Contact information and testimonials are on my website below.

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