In the eighties, Rika and I attended a meeting in which a fellow SMI Distributor gave us some really good advice which has worked very well for me since. It’s a simple, proven  system and only it takes a few minutes.

The SMI products were a set of binders and audio cassettes by Paul J. Meyer of a variety of different subjects: Goal Setting, Sales, Sales Management, Time Management, and so on. Each subject / set sold for $1,495. So it was a $1,495 sale we were trying to make when we called on a prospect.

Naturally, not everyone bought a program, largely because it was rather expensive (although well worth the price.) The advice that we received was twofold:

1. Sell to the prospect’s Hot Button: Find out what he really, really wants through open-ended questions, then show him how the selected product would help him achieve that goal / solve that problem.

2. And this was the one I want to show you here: Drop Down when you can’t sell the $1,495 product. Instead of walking away empty handed, sell the prospect a $50 audio cassette. This paid for one’s gas, however there was a more important reason here than the $35 profit we would make on the cassette.

The real reason for the lower priced sale (made in almost every case when they didn’t buy the more expensive product, by the way), was to maintain contact with the prospect, now a client, and to upsell them later to the big product when we had built more trust, credibility, and relationship. It gave us a chance to prove that we weren’t typical desperate, mercenary salespeople, but rather caring, genuine specialists in our products.

I’m sure you will agree that everybody can afford a one time $18 purchase, so allow me introduce you to an $18 drop down sale that can not only accomplish the above, but also earn you a lot of money – even $10,000 – $100,000 over time!

Want to know more? Here it is:

Step One: Watch this video.

Step Two: Then click here for more info and to join my team.

I look forward to helping you build this drop down sale into a good business.

Robin Elliott