You’ve just won the Powerball Lotto – one point five billion dollars. Would you make an excuse not to show up to collect your winnings? Perhaps say, “Keep my winnings – it’s probably a scam”, or complain that the drive to collect your boodle is a bit too risky? Would you be late for the appointment, or complain that it was too early in the day because you need to sleep off your hangover? I know the comfort zone is enticing, even comfortable, but it can be a dangerous place.

The success you claim to yearn for is outside your comfort zone. Being more committed to one’s dreams than to one’s comfort zone is the hallmark of a winner. It is what sets the boys apart from the men, the peasants and parasites from the producers, the posers from the prime movers. Doing what we’ve always done will simply condemn us to more of the same, so if you like where you are, that’s wonderful, but just how content and secure are you?

I talked with a fried / client of mine recently in Alberta, Canada’s big oil producing province, and he was telling me about the rampant unemployment and the desperation of people who never saved a dime while times were good and now they’re in deep doodoo. They had all their eggs in one frail basket – the worst kind of basket – a job – and when that went away, well, so did their gold digging wives, false friends, and toys.

So let’s talk about your comfort zone. I don’t have to don work boots and wander around in the mud, rain and snow to eke out a living in the construction industry or put up with a narcissistic boss with visions of grandeur and less than the IQ required to butter bread. I don’t have to manage hoards of childish employees or suffer the frustrations of sycophant coworkers.

I am very comfortable.

I can shuffle from my bedroom into my office whenever I decide to emerge from the arms of Morpheus and send out a few emails or post a few things on Facebook and, more importantly, check to see how much money I made while I was sleeping. Then I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast, go for a walk with my dear wife or watch a movie with her or settle in my LazyBoy with the old tablet and Skype someone. When my little fingers are bleeding from sending a few emails, I can decide to read my book, go for a bicycle ride, or call a friend; I only do business with, communicate with, and spend time with people I like and respect.

But what got us to this little Eden? We weren’t magically transported here by a friendly leprechaun riding a unicorn. How did we create this lifestyle that is interrupted only by trips to church or Hawaii or the bank (to deposit money)? Well, we had to get OUT of the comfort zone we were in in order to create a BETTER comfort zone. Then again, perhaps you enjoy suffering; as Mephistopheles said to Faustus: “Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris” ~ It is a comfort to the wretched to have companions in misery.

I have seven income streams, and two little home based business that are virtually risk free, one of which requires no recruiting, the other requires a one time payment of a staggering eighteen dollars, that you may be interested in knowing more about. If you do, contact me and let’s talk.

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