Let’s talk about consequences. The picture below was proudly posted by a woman on Facebook. In this world, deviancy, perversion, dishonesty, lawlessness, and promiscuity is the “road most traveled,” the popular way. And the rules made by governments protect and promote this lifestyle.

From George Orwell’s prophetic “1984” (compliments of Wikipedia):

The word bellyfeel refers to a blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea.
Blackwhite has “two mutually contradictory meanings” depending on whether it is applied to an opponent — “impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts” — or to a Party member — “a loyal willingness to say that black is white when Party discipline demands”.
Crimethink is the Newspeak word for thoughtcrime (thoughts that are unorthodox or outside the official government platform), as well as the verb meaning “to commit thoughtcrime”. Goodthink, which is approved by the Party, is the opposite of crimethink.
Duckspeak is a Newspeak term that means “to quack like a duck” (literal meaning) or “to speak without thinking”.
Ownlife refers to the tendency to enjoy being solitary or individualistic, which is considered subversive.
An unperson is someone who has been “vaporized” — not only killed by the state, but erased from existence.

More Vocabulary and explanations here.

We’re taught that “all people are the same” and “all religions are the same” and “don’t judge” and “government is there to look after us.”

Instead of calling a woman a whore, they now call her a party girl, a good-time girl, a free spirit, a dancer, an open minded woman. And whores who live with men or women they are not married to is called living together with your partner, or cohabiting, or a trial marriage. They’re not sleeping together or making love or simply “together” – they’re fornicating.

Governments use the media and so-called “celebrities” to legitimize and promote a lifestyle of debauchery. They protect radical Islam and attack Christianity. Obama is the natural choice for a puppet “President” to promote this in the US, as is Trudeau in Canada.

So the rules protect deviancy and perversion, and governments use “sexual harassment” and gay “marriage” being “politically correct” and “hate speech” all sorts of tricks to confuse decent people, to legitimize deviancy, and to make it all seem normal and good and loving. Whitewashing sepulchers and legalizing perversion are part of the master plan to break down the most important part of our society: the family.

The consequences are horrendous: broken families, broken lives, loss of identity, loss of hope and progress. The solution? Return to God. Find a way that you feel best promotes decency, the family, clean living, and truth. I choose this way.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com

Would you want your young son marrying a woman who was proud of her “score” on this list?