I’m enjoying reading “Guide to Improvised Weaponry” by Master Sergeant Terry Schappert , US Army Special Forces, and Adam Slutsky, in which they describe the OODA loop. It applies to military strategy, litigation, and business, and it is a great way to gain perspective, move into effective action, and obtain success.

They write, “Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act is a decision cycle phrase coined by the United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd during the Korean War, now also applied to business and litigation as well as military strategy.” The OODA Loop creates a natural, logical, and objective progression which drives people straight into action and avoids procrastination.

The context in their book is how to interrupt an opponent’s OODA Loop using whatever you have at hand to protect yourself, and the subject is important to anyone trying to accomplish their goals.

Part of the problem with people is that once they decide on a plan of action, which they often put together haphazardly instead of in a logical structure like the OODA Loop, they are inflexible and easily get thrown off target, seldom to recover their progress. That is why you will observe people getting involved in a business opportunity and pigheadedly staying in it, even when it has collapsed, until they have lost all their money. It is also why people start projects well but don’t go through to the logical conclusion of success.

This is an important reason to build a strong support group and obtain mentoring or guidance from a successful person. The problem with many “support groups” is that everyone in the support group is a loser, or the support group is so locked in to group dynamics that they all go down with the ship. Often, the “leader” of the group only has her own interests at heart, or she has little real business experience. This is typical of MLM businesses.

Spend time creating an OODA Loop with the assistance of your mentor. Prepare to be patient, flexible, and courageous, and determine to take focused, consistent action in the achievement of your objectives. As an entrepreneur, one needs to be a lot more disciplined than an employee who has a boss to keep one on track, and that is why a good OODA Loop and detailed plan of action is essential. All the while, remember that nothing lasts forever, change is the only constant, and inflexible trees break in the wind.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com