What is the difference between commissions that are generated whenever someone gets recruited into a business opportunity or a product is bought, and real residual income? The truth is that when people stop recruiting and being recruited, or people stop buying those overpriced products, many of which don’t work, and others can be bought elsewhere at a fraction of the price, the income… STOPS. That’s not residual.

Some of us have experienced this: we start off with a great deal of excitement, many people join up, there’s a buying frenzy, people believe the lies and the misrepresentations or don’t even realize them, and the growth only lasts as long as people are joining. Then people run out of people to recruit. Why? Because no real VALUE was offered – commissions are made on the recruiting fees, not on the products. Or the products were so expensive that people got tired of justifying the prices. Reality sets in. Then it starts declining as fast as it grew.

Real residual income is based on a system that grows on itself and is designed to grow organically. Commissions on their own are not residual income. If you are forced to recruit in order to make money, you have built-in failure – that’s why so many of those types of businesses eventually get closed down by the authorities.

I have only come across three real residual income businesses. I have done well in all three, but I will only address one of them here. These are the characteristics:

1. No recruiting required (however you can recruit if you like, and get paid on one level – not multilevel.)
2. True value is delivered and EVERYONE makes money every 20 minutes, whether they recruit or not.
3. Real limits are built in.
4. YOU decide how much money you will put in at any time and there is no autoship or overpriced product range or monthly payments or manipulation or pressure from “uplines.”
5. Stop / cash out whenever you wish.
6. Support, guidance, and training is given.
7. Compounding effect provides real leverage.
8. You don’t have to rely on anyone to do anything in order to make money.
9. You will never feel guilty because someone put money in on your advice and lost it because they didn’t/couldn’t recruit or their people didn’t recruit: EVERYONE wins.


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Robin Elliott