When seeking an antonym for “well read” to describe those who seldom read good, informative books, I found “ill read” and “unlettered” to be the best descriptions in my opinion. These days, of course, in the political arena, watching videos and movies by Stefan Molyneaux and Dinesh D’Souza and the like are as good as reading revealing books. I would like to address the personal arena as well, later.

Watching the propaganda vomited out daily by the government controlled media in the West is akin to Russians believing Pravda’s rhetoric during the Cold War. I am circling the subject of the uninformed masses, the sheeple and r-strategy types who still buy in to the lies of the Progressives.

Here’s the thing: those who believe they should appease the Muslim fundamentalists who are blatantly using the “refugee” Trojan Horse to overtake civilized societies – there is ample evidence of their raping, murdering, Jihadist behaviour once their savage hordes reach a demographic tipping point – and the militant black racists in the United States, are delusional. Their denial won’t save them, unfortunately.

Winston Churchill said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping that is will eat him last” and “Trying to maintain good relationships with a communist is alike wooing a crocodile.” It just doesn’t work. They’re laughing at your weakness and trepidation.

On the personal level, I told my Sunday school class of 12 year old boys the other day that, had I and my family been in our church and on track, most (naturally not all) of the problems I endured in my life wouldn’t have occurred, and I would have accomplished more and been a far happier person to boot.

By sticking to the rules and guidelines that God has provided us with in His book, we can experience true joy and fulfillment in life. We don’t have to bend to social pressures and try to be accepted, liked, and politically correct. We shouldn’t appease evil and try to be “understanding, accepting, and loving” when it isn’t in line with His will. We can and should love people, but that doesn’t mean we should endorse or ignore their bad behaviour and let them run roughshod over decent people.

This includes all social issues and agendas and pressure groups that pervert, downgrade, and distort what we know to be right. We need to move away boldly from cowardice, social conformity, and political “correctness,” which really means lies, compromise, and appeasement, and stand up for our values and beliefs.

It’s no longer simply about the obvious and proven benefits; it is coming down to the survival of civilization.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com