I recently got these nice new glasses. When we change the way we interpret things around us and change the stories we tell ourselves about our circumstances, everything changes.

I talked with someone on the phone tonight in Alberta. He told me how the NDP party is messing things up there, along with the falling oil prices, and how quiet things are. Many people are in trouble financially. My question to him was, “So where is the opportunity for you to benefit from those circumstances?”

Some people will benefit, like pawn shops, money lenders, casinos, Dollar Stores, Walmart, bullion dealers that buy gold and silver and resell it… How can we benefit? As long as we help people and create value, we can all win. Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want out of life, if you help enough other people to get what THEY want.”You see, when we look at life differently, we see different things. For example:

TRY = To Relive Yesterday’s failures
FAIL = First Attempt In Learning
END = Effort Never Dies
NO = Next Opportunity or Not Yet
GUTS = Giving your Utmost To Succeed

Your current situation doesn’t have to be your final destination – YAHOO! You Always Have Other Options!

Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change. Don’t keep whipping that dead horse. Don’t try to turn losers into winners. When it’s blatantly obvious that the business you have been involved in isn’t working anymore, find a new one! Time is money!

When there’s an infestation of rats, the rat catchers make money. When dangerous characters calling themselves “harmless refugees” start taking over your town and threatening the local population with rape and violence, open a gun shop, teach self defense – this is a proven strategy; Obama has been the direct cause of a massive increase in gun sales in the US, as Trudeau soon will be in Canada.

Look for the opportunity, think outside the box. Many people become millionaires during recessions and depressions. Buy gold and silver while it’s cheap. Think! Pray! Don’t get shook up – look up! People have money problems, so show them how they can make real money and get paid every 20 minutes with this proven system.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com