If money was no object, what would you give your family this year? Trips? Holidays? Private schools, a new car, new toys, new family adventures, better food, a new home, new clothes, your time and attention?

You can continue to buy your family gifts on credit and squeeze out a bit of time with them as a special favour to them. You can continue to desecrate your “New Year Resolutions” within weeks of setting them. You can continue to strive to survive at the end of every month and be grateful that you “made it.” You can promise to spend more time with your family, knowing that your boss probably won’t “let” you.

And you can put off buying life insurance “because you can’t afford it” or building a nest egg and saving some gold and silver because you know, deep down, that inflation is robbing of you of the little you’ve got saved – in any. Costs go up and up and your earning simply can’t keep up… But you know you can’t win for losing unless something “happens” that sets you free from the downward cycle of debt and state of quiet desperation you’re caught in.

Twenty eight years ago, I could relate to that. Then, in 1987, my wife and I scraped together everything we could to buy a Distributorship with Success Motivation International – our first business – and we took control of our futures. We broke free from the slavery of a job and bending over for employers and financial shortage. And through all the ups and downs of business, we have managed to accomplish more than would ever have been possible working for a boss as indentured slaves.

And before you say, “Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone,” let me qualify your options, and show you how you can give your family the best Christmas present ever. You can start your own business on a part time or a full time basis and yes, you CAN afford to do it with minimal risk. And there is even one in which you don’t have to “recruit” a single person, too. And you can do all this from home. No commuting, no meetings. Full support when you need it at no charge.

Yes, I get paid between $250 and $500 per hour to coach business owners, but when you join one of the businesses I am involved with, I will personally coach and mentor you at no charge.

The only thing that will stop you from starting a new and exciting journey to financial freedom is the lies you tell yourself about owning your own money machines, the excuses you make, and the fact that you don’t at least contact me and ask me for more information about what I have available. Let’s talk. No pressure, no obligation. You can redeem your self respect, live the life you want, and offer your family your time and love and the support and peace of mind they so richly deserve.

Let me be your Santa this time around. Give them this gift for Christmas. You’ll never regret it.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com