Peter Drucker wrote, “The purpose of a system is to allow ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.” When someone uses the right system in the right way, he can exceed his greatest expectations. I took the picture above on my way to town this morning – a laborer working hard in the cold, the mud, and the traffic, in the prison of a job – to illustrate the fact that working hard with the wrong system may allow financial survival, but seldom wealth.

When I consult with business owners, I marvel at how hard they work and how much they risk, while I use simple systems that earn me more than many of them earn, simply because I carry no overhead or risk. I use proven online systems that don’t depend on my age, background, or education and that involve collaboration and leverage; systems that are already built, automated, and ready to go.

The average Realtor, Financial Planner (insurance salesperson) and Network Marketer only makes 3.7 sales. So a system that requires that people to continually recruit others and/or sell overpriced products is inherently flawed, unless the buy in is extremely low and the rewards are sufficiently significant to attract many people. Look for a system that generates RESIDUAL, ongoing income.

We’ve heard that the glass isn’t half full or half empty; it’s refillable. A system that automatically refills that famous glass (your bank account) is what you should look for.

The ideal systems should allow for a compounding effect, too. The less barriers and risk, the more likely it is to allow the average person to succeed and prosper. What is required from the user is patience, persistence, and consistency. For those who are serious about success, the ideal online system allows them to work from home in their own time, providing freedom and flexibility. This is ideal for stay-at-home-moms, people who are physically debilitated, older people, those who don’t have or don’t want regular jobs, and those who want flexibility, autonomy, freedom, and real wealth.

Those who haven’t witnessed first hand how good online systems can liberate average people and change their lives don’t know what they’re missing. The world has changed – more and more people are doing business online, advertising online, buying online, communicating online, making money online. The Internet removes many barriers and opens up vistas that were unimaginable only a few years ago. The potential earning power online has subsequently rocketed. Want time and money and real freedom? Consider the systems I use.

I use two simple, yet extremely potent online systems that anyone can use. To find out more, contact me.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com