I did. You feel great about a business you got involved with and you’re making good money, so you encourage others to join as well: you recruit them / enroll them / sign them up. Only one problem – if it’s an MLM / Network Marketing business and those people can’t sell or recruit, they don’t make any money.

So they got involved on our advice, but, unlike you and me, they can’t recruit or sell, so, even though they worked really hard and tried their best, they never made any money. And some of them spent a lot of money joining up / buying products / attending events… and they, in effect, lost their money. So now we feel guilty.

There is a solution! You can now enroll people into a business where everyone makes money, whether they recruit people or not, and whether they sell anything or not. Yes – everyone wins. Everyone gets paid every 20 minutes. No more disappointments, no more regrets, no more lying awake at night. Everyone has fun and feels great about themselves. Perfect. And you can make a lot of real residual income, not determined by or dependent on you or your downline recruiting anyone.

And it’s not Network Marketing or some stocks and bonds business or foreign currency, it’s a great system being used by over 219,000 people around the world, and growing by 1,000 jubilant Members a day. (Sorry, folks, not available in the USA.) This is what you and millions of others have been looking for, and it’s the perfect time of the year to join.

More information here or contact me direct and let’s talk.  No obligation.I will personally coach the next ten people to join my team at no charge.

Robin Elliott