“You’ve been involved in so many harebrained scams and schemes and wasted to much of our time and money. You’re such a loser. Get a job! I don’t want you wasting any more of our money on another ripoff! I’ll divorce you next time!”

And you understand just how she or he feels, because you put in so much time and effort, and spent so much money, and while others made money, you’re NOT a recruiter or a salesperson, you don’t know a lot of people, and those you do know are sick and tired of you pitching them on new opportunities. You’re tired of relying on other people and being disappointment and feeling bad about yourself and feeling like a loser.

YOU’RE NOT ALONE. There are millions of people who feel just like you do. You’re tired of hearing how easy it is, and “all you have to do is…” and it always involves two things: selling stuff and enrolling others. And that’s not your strong area. So you love the idea, but….

Well, how about you had a GUARANTEE that you would succeed and make money without selling anything or recruiting anyone? No meetings, either! Too good to be true? No. More than 219,000 people are using this proven system, and it has nothing to do with Network Marketing, the stock market, foreign currency, joint ventures, or any of those things. It’s simple and easy and takes all of FIVE MINUTES a day.

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(International, but not available in the United States.)

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