How Simon uses MAP and GETS PAID to Advertise (and you can, too):

“There are still people that don’t GET IT – everyone and anyone can use MAP – maybe this will help you understand….
I’m selling this car – so I paid just under £100 to advertise it in Auto Trader, the UK’s biggest car sales online showroom, so it’s simple – I pay for the ad, place the ad and wait for the phone to ring – RIGHT?
Now I create a MAP Text ad, I simply add the URL from my Autotrader ad and paste that into my text and guess what…..
10 of 1000’s will see that car for sale, Autotrader will recognise that and publish how many are looking at the ad…. and guess what, dealers will buy MY CAR! EXPOSURE EXPOSURE EXPOSURE! nothing else matters in advertising.
Do the same with everything Ebay – Amazon Gumtree any other business you like…. it’s eyes on ads…. simple as that!”

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