The first-rate book, “The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics,” is revealing. This video will make the contents more easily consumable, faster, in bite-sized chunks for those who don’t read, although the two are, in most cases, obviously mutually exclusive…

Anyway, these words made an impact on me: “Given that resources inevitably diminish in availability, this trait [the K-trait] is a long-view strategy trait, enduring the mild disadvantages of temporarily diminished reproductive rates during resource excess, in order to acquire the potent advantage of extraordinarily high fitness levels when times inevitably turn bad.

“When times inevitably turn bad.” Inevitably. This is like talking about funeral planning, life insurance, and the aches and pains and operations of old people (like me) – uncomfortable subjects. Especially in our Pollyanna world of instant gratification, a manic sense of entitlement, and spoiled brats who blame their repeated bad choices on made up diseases, others, the government, white people, the Bible, Capitalism and every kind of manufactured “disorder” and “disability.”

The fact is, nothing lasts forever, and the seasons – spring, summer, winter and fall – are real, and not subject to your politically correct mindless denial. There are good people and bad people, we’re NOT all the same, and the summer won’t last forever, as the United States is finally finding out. Choices have consequences.

My point? Simple, really. For the informed and prepared, when times (inevitably) turn bad, fortune smiles. Those with their heads in the sand get run over. The unaware and unschooled are culled; there is a place for them in the giant state prisons and re-education camps, or they just die. In this second video, we learn that r-strategy people display a low Amygdala volume, which is associated with an inability to perceive and process threats.

And in business, well, you don’t get rich swimming downstream or chumming up with sheeple and agreeing with everyone. You can’t bank hugs and platitudes. The average millionaire has seven income streams, not just to optimize his income and reduce risk through diversification, but because he understands that every money machine he builds will last for a certain amount of time and will then need to be replaced.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, US author & physician (1809 – 1894) famously wrote, “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” It is time, friends, to catch up on what is really going on in the world of politics, money, and business because they’re all linked. If you’re a K-strategy person, well, you are probably already doing that to some extent.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com