Are your earnings decreasing? Are you making less as life costs more?

Did you hear about the man whose old mother died, and he let her body lie in bed for three months before the smell alerted the neighbours and the police? And every morning her took her breakfast up to her dead body?

There are two things we can do when our income gets less as our costs get more. One, we all understand: spend less. So we cut down on luxuries, spend less on everything we can, and cut costs wherever possible. The other way is to EARN more, and if we do what we’ve always done, well, we’re in trouble.

Perhaps you have already waited too long to realize that what used to work simply isn’t working anymore – it’s on its last legs – and it’s time to stop flogging a dead horse. It’s dead. It’s come to a sticky end. It’s extinct, defunct, deceased. Nothing lasts forever, and this one has passed. Time to move on.

That’s the problem with most people: They get so brainwashed and conditioned that they have the best money making opportunity ever created that they won’t get off that horse until it is dead and in the mud up to its belly, and they’re still whipping the thing and shouting how wonderful it is like idiots.

You need to be loyal to making money and creating residual income, not loyal to a money machine that no longer works and gave up the ghost long ago.

So the answer is obvious: Find a NEW, SAFE way to make more money, without massive risk and cost and a lot of time. And now is not the time to hesitate and procrastinate, because,m if you had started earlier, you might not have been in the predicament you face today. You need a proven way to do this. You don’t have any time or money to waste. It’s time to smash the strain of financial handcuffs forever.

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Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com