Worry saps our energy, diverts our attention, decreases our positive mental attitude, and holds us back from succeeding. What we pay attention to and focus on will grow and expand. And that should be worry and fear. We need to see worry for what it really is in order to diminish it significantly.

Statistic show that:

40% of worries are about events that will never happen

30% of worries are about things that have already happened

22% of worries are about trivial matters

4% of worries are about events that we cannot change

and only 4% of worries are about real issues on which we can act.

By identifying the last 4% – things that we can actually DO something about, and then putting an Action Plan in place to handle them, is worthwhile. It saves so much time and money and one’s health improves, along with relationships and business.

By objectively analyzing the things we worry about in this manner, we can be assured that we will be more successful in all our endeavours.

Make a list of everything you worry about. Everything: don’t leave anything out. Then sort them into one of the five categories above. After doing that, create a step-by-step Action Plan for dealing with the 4% of your worries that are real and require handling. Include time lines and specific goals.

Like pruning a tree, discarding things that are of no importance in our lives, including habits, activities, choices and people that harm us or compromise our values and waste our time and resources, we set ourselves free to be the best we can be.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com