LA Trip 087

You might have had the questionable pleasure of encountering those who brag about not owning TV sets, watching the news, following politics, or voting. They claim they are “happier” by not being “exposed” to any “negative stuff.”

I can assure you these people have never read Orwell’s “1984” or Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” They’re like the German Jews who believed everything would turn out OK and told people not to be conspiracy theorists, or the South Africans who told me I was being negative and pessimistic when I left South Africa. Some are now too old to leave and living in hell and others are dead. (Some of those may be living in hell too, except I don’t believe in hell…) Denial and self deception is never a wise choice.

The news can be garnered from many places. If you want the real thing, you won’t be following the government controlled media – there are other places to find the truth – however your local TV and media will probably let you know about riots, floods, fires, closed bridges, bad weather, opportunities, and other events and coming events that the sane person would like to know about to be properly prepared.

According to the great Steven Wright, “I intend to live forever … So far, so good.” that’s what these people are like – living in a fantasy world. Destroying evidence and breaking mirrors doesn’t change reality. Not knowing about something by choice incurs consequences. These eternal optimists with their hippy logic would agree with Steven Wright: “Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.” Attacking the messenger doesn’t alter the news.

I talked with a drug addict once. He told me his life was so bad that he took drugs to avoid reality. I can’t judge him, having been a clinical depressive all my life. I have been on medication for six years now, so I know the difference, and until you’ve been suicidally depressed you have no idea what it’s like, even if you’ve spent your money (or your parents’ money) on a university education. The drug for some is the avoidance of reality.

And this brings me to my special, free gift of shovels. No cost. It’s for those boast that they don’t follow politics or watch the news or TV because, they claim, they are so positive. The condition attached to this generous offer (there’s always a condition) if that the shovel is used to bury your head, like an ostrich, in the ground. And keep it there for an hour. Yes, ostriches really do believe they cannot be seen when one can’t see their head.

So, if you want to succeed and enjoy your life and ride the waves of change to a glittering, golden shore instead of getting drowned, preempt events in order to profit from them and avoid suffering, get the right information from the right places and conduct yourself accordingly, and pull your swollen head out of your… As we all know, the best way way to predict the future is to create it, and you need information in order to do that well.

Robin Elliott