Richard Branson famously said, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes… then learn how to do it later.” Well, if you have a lot of time and money and brains and other resources like Branson does, this may be good advice. And sometimes, it works. But to make it work fast and to save a lot of money and frustration in the process, think about this…

People dabble in so many things and lose so much time and money in the process. They get more and more cynical and eventually they won’t try anything new. Even when they do, they expect to relive their past failures, so they do. They need a way to make it work this time around.

Most systems and opportunities have recipes for success, and it’s easy to add too much sugar, too much salt, too little baking powder… just one ingredient can make a huge difference, often disastrous. The trial and error method seldom works out. And just because your recipe worked at another time, in another situation, under different circumstances and with different timing worked, it doesn’t mean it applies to this system.

You need a customized recipe – one that is created specially for you and your resources and skills and circumstances with this particular system, right now. With the least cost and risk. And as fast as possible, right? And so you need coaching from someone who is succeeding right now with this same system. And instead of charging you my usual $250 – $500 per hour, I can personally coach you to success in one or more of the systems I am involved with at no charge, if you join my team.

Learn from my experience, success, and proven recipes, at no cost. You don’t have to go through the long, expensive learning curve. Because when you join one of my teams, you’ll be in business with me – you’ll be, in effect, my business partner. And the more money can help you make, the more I ill make, so I don’t need to charge you for coaching.

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