There are a lot of characters parading around on stages who tout their entrepreneurial success, when in reality they were one hit wonders, trading on that single hit they had. Real entrepreneurs will ride many horses in their business lives, because nothing lasts forever, and they will succeed in most of them. Because they know how to ride the business horse and play the business game. For them, it’s not luck or timing or connections or being in the right place at the right time; it’s raw skill.

Think about seminar leaders and politicians and the like who have one story, one success – their only success – that they like to regurgitate: those are the dangerous ones; their information is usually exaggerated, outdated, inflated, and, well, constipated. Take advice from them or follow them at your peril.

There was a fellow doing the rounds in Vancouver who told how he made a million dollars fast in a business he bought and sold – the only business he ever bought and sold. I had a client who inherited millions from his father, lost a few of those millions in his own business, and then hired me as his coach to become truly successful. It worked. The one hit wonders usually don’t know how to bounce back, transfer their skills across industries and product lines, adapt, adjust, or understand how the same principles can be morphed, transformed, and improved upon to fit new circumstances and challenges.

And in most cases, the one hit wonders are so emotionally attached to their successes that they will find it difficult to remove their egos and think objectively about business, and this is a key to entrepreneurial success.

If you want one hit wonders, here are a few to enjoy:

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