Of course, you don’t have to recruit anyone into My Advertising Pays (MAP) in order to get paid – guaranteed – every 20 minutes. So those who don’t want to, or feel they cannot recruit have no problem. I just wanted to get that out of the way. But here’s something about MAP that most don’t realize.

In regular Network Marketing and similar online businesses, it is required that the people you recruit need to continue to buy products or recruit others in order to remain “valuable” to you. Not so in MAP. Of course, if they, too, recruit others, so much the better, but here’s what we miss:

When you recruit someone in MAP, you get paid a commission of up to 10%, depending on your Membership Level. If you’re using your commissions to buy more credit packs, you’re getting paid 20% on that commission, and as long as you keep doing that, it keeps growing on itself!

That is like someone giving you two rabbits- a boy and a girl rabbit – every time you recruit them and they buy a Credit Pack, and those bunnies start multiplying! Recruiting in MAP is like breeding bunnies! They reproduce themselves!

So even if someone came on board and bought a few Credit Packs and they never bought any more, the commissions you earned on those Credit Packs is a gift that keeps on giving – and multiplying – as long as you keep using the earned commissions to buy more credit packs! You can’t lose!

Robin Elliott           LeverageAdvantage.com