The ridiculous meme you see below was posted on Facebook today.

There are a A LOT of stores that sell runners in the local mall close to where I live; it’s a big mall. And any retailer knows that when a prospective customer leaves without purchasing, the chances are very good that he will buy from another store.

So when I strolled into a store and was ready to buy a new pair of Salomon runners today, I wasn’t really surprised when the clerk suggested I don’t buy today but rather return on Black Friday to save $60 on the same shoes. If his boss knew he was doing that, there would have been big trouble. But then that’s what I would expect from the average store clerk who probably works for – wait for it – minimum wage. Like the fellow in the bicycle store who suggested I hold off spending $400 on my bike for a long shot reason and lost that sale.

When you have minimum qualifications, minimum motivation to help the business that pays your wage, make more money, minimum ambition, give the minimum and take the maximum, and you can be easily, instantly replaced by a thousand eager, grateful immigrants, there’s not one reason why you should get paid more.

In fact, if the minimum wage does go up, the worst workers will be let go and those who remain will simply have to work harder or be replaced. Some work will be sent offshore and automated. Other businesses will simply close down as they won’t be profitable paying a $15 minimum wage. All this has happened in Washington State where they increased the minimum wage to $15. It’s illogical and hard to understand for many of us. But there is an explanation.

This video interview is the best explanation for this madness that I have ever found. It explains why the CEO of the company, the one with the brains and skill to be able to run a company that employs people like the shoe clerk I encountered today, is paid his market value, and why the clerk, on the other hand, is paid his market value.

You get paid what you’re worth, and only YOU can determine what you are worth. In this capitalist society, nothing stops you from starting your own business and earning any amount of money you’re WORTH.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com