I have always been disturbed by the stories I have heard over 28 years from my small business owner clients when it comes to their advertising adventures, which mostly turned out to be misadventures. I came to the conclusion, a long time ago, that most advertising is like gambling: a small percentage of it actually works.

Yet, we have to advertise and promote our business, right? We have to let people know about us. So what do we do?

One fellow here in Vancouver spent and lost a small fortune advertising on shopping carts. After 6 months, with no contracts sold and a lot of money down the drain, he finally came to the conclusion that he should terminate the contract. And personally, I have used all sorts of advertising myself, often using trade dollars, and NONE of it worked.

Another fellow offered me the opportunity to advertise on his radio station. I accepted the offer to advertise, subject to my special “Contingency Advertising” terms: You advertise my service on the radio station, the interested parties respond to you directly, and I follow up on them, and I’ll pay you generous, ongoing commissions on all the resulting sales I make. He advertised me daily for more than six months, 11 times a day – 30 second and one minute, thirty second ads. Only ONE LEAD. And he didn’t buy. Didn’t cost me a cent. But not many people will do Contingency Advertising, simply because they know their advertising doesn’t work for most businesses.

Brochures, flyers, TV ads, Google, Facebook, Pay Per Click, door hangers, local newspapers, magazines, community rags, radio ads, you name it, I’ve seen it all, and believe me, very little of it works. It looks shiny and exciting and promising when presented by the sales rep, but it’s all very risky. Some of it actually works, and some gamblers actually do make money, but the odds are not good, especially if you want to test your ads and do some split testing as well. It’s no good losing $1,000 to earn $100, right?

Now I know some people who make money selling advertising and advertising services will dispute this article, but twenty eight years learning from the experiences of ten of thousands of business owners is pretty compelling evidence as far as I’m concerned.

And then I came across a proven system that offered me the opportunity to advertise any business on an advertising platform that has over 208,000 people in it that are all clicking on ads daily, and are all targeting making money online. But here’s the best part: I would receive a 20% return on my advertising dollar – guaranteed – within about 120 days, and I could roll that over and make 20% on that again, compounding the interest!

Want to know more? Ask me and I’ll send you the details.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com