There’s a reason why marketers do what they do. And only ONE reason: To sell more products and services. Like “Rinse and Repeat” – it’s not necessary, but it doubles the amount of shampoo sold.

The same goes for much of the “Use By,” “Refrigerate After Opening,” and “Expiry Date” labeling we see. It’s all aimed at selling more to the feckless, mindless consumer who is in too much if a hurry and too stressed to even consider whether or not the message is true – much like the way he accepts everything he sees on the TV “News,” which, in reality, is simply government propaganda, no different in Canada to the United States.

If the cereal bags were Ziploc, why, the cereal would last longer, and the consumer is too lazy and too stupid to transfer the contents into a Ziploc bag. He’s also too greedy, hence the 34% of morbidly obese Americans waddling around the feeding trough fast food joints they call “restaurants.”

And the reason why this kind of marketing works is simple: people are sheeple. They don’t read books, they don’t question, they are mostly semi-literate, and they are so busy being entertained with TV and video games and sport and so consumed, if you’ll excuse the pun – with social media and Twitter that they are slowly devolving into fleshy robots at the beck and call of their banker masters. The video below shows how easily people are persuaded.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com