Pictured above: On 7/6/1957 Paul McCartney meets John Lennon.

When I look back over my life of 62 years, I can track all the major events back to meeting one person, or hearing about and then contacting one person. And each one of these events has significantly changed me. Some meetings resulted in good things and some bad, but it always came in the form of one person, and sometimes in a book written by that person. Now this is where some good advice comes in.

First, we need to be careful and aware of what our values are, and we need to stick to those values if we want to avoid the bad people. Had I adhered to my values and gone with my instinct when I met my first wife, for example, I could have avoided a lot of pain in my life, the ripple effects of which seem never ending. There were benefits, to be sure, because we always make the best of situations and there are always good things among the bad, but that’s still not good. Always stick to your clear values and listen to your gut feeling. I am eternally thankful that I did so when I met the adorable wife I have had for nearly thirty years now.

And when you’re desperate or weakened or struggling and sad, you’re as vulnerable as when you’re flush with money and on top of the world, so be extra careful about risking the farm or signing up for big commitments during those times. Nothing lasts forever in business, so don’t get stuck. We learn and evolve in business.

When it comes to the good meetings, we need to be open-minded, or we will miss most of them. The one meeting that had the biggest effect on my business life was an 8 page pullout in a Success Magazine that I was reading in a coffee shop in Johannesburg in the early nineties. I doggedly pursued that invitation to a five thousand dollar event in Los Angeles until it bore so much fruit that I was amazed. Be prepared to listen, examine, learn, be proven wrong about things you think you know, and to pay the price when you think you’ve got a good one.

Keep your eyes open. Hold fast to the Word of God and don’t step into the traps that surround us all. Judge people by their track records and what reputable other people say about them instead of falling victim to some slimy salesman who has slithered stealthily into your life to take advantage of your predicament. Remain optimistic and remember that it’s darkest just before the dawn; God is faithful. Abide in Him.

Robin Elliott LeverageAdvantage.com