In life, we all aspire to joy. To find our bliss. To relaxed happiness. To security, to “being our own man,” and living according to our own values and beliefs and preferences and priorities. And the last place where one will find this kind of buoyant, comfortable, safe environment is at work.

I’ve been “unemployed” for 28 years, because I’ve been self employed. The stress and hard work involved in this lifestyle have been far exceeded by the personal growth and enjoyment of the aspirations in the paragraph above. And I have been able to set and achieve goals that would not have been remotely possible in a job.

People who have enjoyed the authentic freedom of taking the reins of life and stepping out of the rat race have, however, often failed, many times simply because of the vehicle they had chosen. But those who have bravely bounced back and kept trying have been rewarded with remarkable results. We learn to predict changes and proactively prepare for them, to spread our risk, and to understand what works, what doesn’t, and what we’re good at.

Those of us who have learned to ride the horse of self employment and its idiosyncrasies and variables enjoy an unprecedented peace of mind and feeling of control. We can preempt changes and profit from them, leverage and collaborate and optimize resources, and contribute immeasurably to the lives of others.

If you’re an entrepreneur, I salute you, whether you’re making money or not, struggling at the moment or soaring. Because you have the time, energy, and freedom to see what is going on in the world around us and plan accordingly, while our frightened and frazzled friends who are on the treadmill are so tired, trod down and tense that they can barely come up for air between bill payments and debt expansion.

As Donald Trump said, “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” I encourage you, don’t sell your soul for a bowl of soup. Getting a job is like going to jail and getting periodically raped and beaten to be assured of three meals a day. You can and will win if you insist upon it, demand it, and commit to it. Ask me about creating your own Great Escape Plan.

Robin Elliott      LeverageAdvantage.com